2017 Round 6 Results - Juniors

Last Updated: 30th Jul 2017

Result Status: FINAL

Last Updated:  30th July 2017 8:15pm Aust CST
Result Final ETA: 31st July 2017 8:15pm Aust CST

Competitors are encouraged to follow the Results Query Process below to ensure their request is documented and actioned by the appropriate individual.

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Result Status Details
In Progress    Results currently being populated, reviewed and updated.
Provisional     All known updates have been made. Competitors have 24hrs to review and submit a query.
Final               No further changes can be made.


Results Query Process

If you have any questions regarding the results then please follow the process below:

1. Contact the SAORC Series Results Co-ordinator with your query in writing.

PLEASE NOTE: We are aware of an issue where emails to the Result Co-ordinator email address error saying the account doesnt exist. It does exist and we do get the emails. The issue is being investigated.

2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome then you are welcome to discuss with the Clerk of Course.
3. If you are still not satisfied then you are within your rights to request clarfification by the Race Steward.

NOTE: All result queries must be submitted with-in 24hrs of the publication of Provisional Results (see Result Final ETA above).

Daniel Humby