SAORC Timing System

The SAORC utilises Passive UHF Rfid technology as the basis for its Timing System. In comparison to Active Tags used in sytems such as MyLaps, Passive Tags are typically smaller, never require charging, and significantly lower cost.

Each competitor requires 1 hard tag mounted to the front of the fork and 1 sticky tag mounted behind the front number plate (as a backup). 

Hard Tags are supplied to competitors at a cost of $10 each. Sticky Tags are supplied at no charge and are available on request as needed. 

Hard Tags do not  need to be replaced every year.  Sticky Tags are replaced every year due to wear and tear.

All tags must be fitted prior to Machine Examination. Tags are tested on the machine at a Tag Check Point as competitors leave Machine Examination.

NOTE: Both Hard and Sticky Tags are programmed with a competitor’s MA licence#. If a competitor’s MA licence # changes then their tags will need to be re-programmed to match their new lic#.

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