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The South Australian Off Road Championships is run under Motorcycling South Australia (MSA) regulations. MSA is affiliated with Motorcycling Australia and FIM. Riders are required to hold a Competition Licence endorsed by these bodies. To find out more about obtaining a competition licence, please visit the MSA website www.motorcyclingsa.org.au

The overall goal of the series is to provide a fun yet professional avenue for riders to compete against each other and if so desired, use as a platform for national (A4DE) and international (ISDE) stages.

The series comprises of 7-10 rounds, each round one of three different and challenging race formats that fall under the FIM Enduro discipline.


Each lap of an Enduro course will typically take between 1 and 1.5 hrs to complete, the event consisting of between 2 and 3 laps. Each lap consists of trail and typically 2 – 3 tests. Trail is timed to the minute and tests are timed to the second. Riders leave individually in number order at roughly 30 sec intervals. Tests fall under two categories, cross (mx) and enduro. Enduro tests are not pre-ridden and are generally more technical through tree’s, hills, etc. Cross tests are pre-ridden (first lap usually not timed) and are generally more open and fast. A generous amount of time is given between each lap for refuelling and rest. The enduro rewards riders with the perfect balance between raw speed and endurance.


A sprint is run on the format of an enduro special test. Riders leave individually in number order at roughly 30sec intervals completing the 5-10min course as fast as possible. Riders must complete as many heats/laps of the course as indicated in the final instructions (or at the discretion of the Clerk of Course). A generous refuelling/service period is provided between each lap. The first lap is an un-timed escorted sighting lap of the course prior to the commencement of the event. Times will be cumulative; the rider with the least accumulated elapsed time for each class will be the winner and so on. To be a finisher a competitor must complete 75 percent of the heats and will receive a time penalty for each uncompleted heat. Sprints are great for spectators and provide riders more opportunity to catch up with fellow riders in the pits. The sprint favours riders with raw speed and power.


Cross Country events will be conducted on a 15-30 minute marked course where competitors are required to race continuously for a minimum of 3 hours for seniors and 2 hours for juniors. Riders start as a class, each class separated by 1 minute intervals. A designated refuelling area is available and all refuelling and mechanical work is carried out in this area. The first lap is an escorted sighting lap of the course prior to commencement of the race. Juniors compete at different times to the above classes and the length of their competition will also vary. The race will finish at 3 hours (based on the last class to start finishing time) unless otherwise directed by the Clerk of Course. To be a finisher a competitor must have completed at least 75 percent of the laps of the winning rider in their class. The cross country format rewards riders with consistency and endurance.

Events attract between 50 and 100 competitors (depending on location) along with many more spectators. Over 200 riders competed in at least one round of the 2007 series. This site alone attracts over 500 unique hits per month.

For any questions including series or round sponsorship options can be obtained by contacting Motorcycling SA (08) 8332 9000

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